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Brits at risk on the slopes : Santander

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British skiers and snowboarders are skiing drunk, too fast, and with no practice, causing unnecessary risk and accidents, according to research by Santander Insurance.

The research found that 17% of Brits have hit the slopes having only practiced on a games console and 23% while still drunk from the night before.

The insurer also found that, while one in five skiers and boarders have had an accident that required professional medical treatment, there is still one in seven skiers who are on the mountain without any travel insurance.

Travel insurance is an absolute must-have for anyone going on a winter sports holiday,” said Moyra O’Doherty, Group Marketing Manager for Santander Insurance.

While many people may want to cut costs on their ski holiday, we would urge them not to cut back on winter sports travel insurance. Ignoring this is a false economy if you have an accident, and no-one in their right mind wants to start the New Year with a huge medical bill.”

Of those who have been skiing or snowboarding in the past five years, more than half (54%) have been skiing or snowboarding without wearing a helmet, one in four (23%) has been skiing while still under the influence of alcohol from the night before, and 17% while under the influence from lunchtime drinking, the survey found.

Skiers or snowboarders who take to the slopes while under the influence of alcohol or without wearing a helmet may find they are not covered for any accidents, so it is essential that people read their insurance policies closely.