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BIBA progressing issues with SSP

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9th September 2016

In light of recent events BIBA will be taking a lead in facilitating constructive discussions about what has occurred and necessary future action including the next steps for its members.

BIBA will be hosting a meeting between senior SSP personnel and some affected BIBA members. The purpose of the meeting will be to explore what happened and reach agreement on the next steps.

The discussions will include:

·seeking a comprehensive explanation from SSP as to the reasons behind the recent lengthy outage;
·discussion around the robustness of SSP systems and disaster recovery programmes;
·what action will be taken to avoid a similar event reoccurring and;
·exploring the next steps for members in their future agreements with SSP.

Ahead of the meeting BIBA will be seeking the views of our wider membership regarding the impact of the outage on their business and this will inform part of the dialogue during the meeting.

Steve White, BIBA Chief Executive said: “As the trade body of many affected brokers it is essential that we take the lead in navigating these issues and addressing the long term solutions on their behalf. Once the current problems have subsided we feel it is also important for all of our members that we ascertain the robustness of the systems, risk management and disaster recovery of the other leading broker software houses and this is already on our agenda.”



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