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BIBA and Sterling gaze into the crystal ball

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It was a day of revelations for Eric Galbraith, chief executive of the Bitish Insurance Brokers’ Association. As part of his normal duties at the BIBA Conference and Exhibition, he visited the Sterling Insurance stand and was greeted by their resident fortune teller, Christian Humphrey.

Eric was told he would see further success in BIBA’s campaigning and that he was already getting under the skin of one cabinet minister for ensuring MPs were aware of the cost of current regulation and were adding to the ministerial postbag.

The crystal ball also revealed that BIBA’s FCSC petition would received more than 4,000 signatures.

The fortune teller also predicted a great future for Eric as a jockey and yachtsman with numerous wins on land and sea. He was also told he would still be attending the BIBA Conference at the age of 70 to fund his many adventures.

Eric Galbraith was hosted at the Sterling Insurance stand by David Sweeney, head of commercial and personal lines at Sterling.
BIBA Conference delegates are invited to visit Sterling’s stand at C21 to have your future predicted and to take a look at what Sterling has planned for its future relationships with the broker community.

Source : Sterling Press Release