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Axa UK to launch a 10M£ campaign to promote new online offer for car insurance

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The campaign, realized by the advertising agency UK MWO, shows the arrival of Axa in online insurance market in United Kingdom.

Axa UK will target aged drivers who feel that others brands are not interested of them. Axa will offer a large advantage of 90 percent discount on car insurance. A new advertising video shows pedestrians who are not civilized each others in the downtown of a large city. We can listen on this video : “You are not in this way when you walk so why are you like this when you drive?”

Axa wants to prize respectful drivers with this sentence : “Axa drivers get up to 90% discount on their car insurance. Disrespectful drivers don’t.”
TV celebrity Charley Boorman also will be in this campaign to help Axa. A website will be created to get what consumers think about this program. “This campaign will show the value that we give to the experience of drivers and we are ready to prize it with a special policy of Axa”, said Axa marketing manager Tina Shortle.