Axa / Interbrand : ranks as first global insurance brand and fourth French company

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    Interbrand has ranked 100 brands by assessing divers elements going from retaining talent to delivering customer expectations. Axa holds ranked 53, and is the first global insurance brand present in the ranking in front of Allianz, which ranked 67.

    Interbrand highlights the ability of AXA to “redefine its industry by focusing on customer insights”.  Available, attentive and reliable, AXA is committed to offer its clients “tangible proofs”, instead of making promises. A strong senior level and employee commitment is also highlighted.

    Véronique Weill, Chief Operating Officer of the AXA Group comments :

    “To be the first insurance brand worldwide is something that the AXA Group can be proud of, and I would like to congratulate all the employees for their professionalism and their daily efforts dedicated to our clients. This also gives us a great responsibility, because we have to keep on earning the trust our clients grant us. Our brand is indeed a precious asset that has to show our clients that our core mission is to serve them well. But we have to keep on nourishing and strengthening it to keep offering innovative and tailored solutions to our clients throughout their lives,”.