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Aviva’s protection service gets quicker and slicker

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Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer, has reduced the average time it takes to accept a protection application by 40% from 11 days to 6.5 through service improvements. As a result the time taken for advisers to start a policy has reduced by over 50%, meaning customers get their cover and advisers are paid faster.

A further effect of the efficiencies introduced by Aviva mean that more proposals received through advisers and business partners now turn into policies.
Aviva has improved service by making changes across the end to end journey. These include:
– Improved underwriting which sees more applications accepted at point of sale
– Dedicated teams for large cases and business protection and a pre sales free phone underwriting helpline*
– Improved adviser information including preferred contact method
– Update to advisers in less than two days when information is missing from an application.

Peter Chadborn, Partner of CBK (Colchester), said: “Improved service levels are always welcome, particularly when they relate to underwriting because inefficient processes can reflect badly on our judgement when recommending where to place business. I am pleased to see a pre sales underwriting helpline because this can help us manage our client’s expectations.”
Richard Verdin, director of protection, at Aviva, said: “The protection market is often seen to be measured only on price, however advisers constantly tell us the importance of service when choosing a provider. At Aviva we have made significant improvements to offer a slicker, faster more efficient service. This is not only a win for customers who are satisfied by a quick service, but also a win for the adviser who has quickly delivered peace of mind for their customer.”