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Association of British Investigators joins IQ

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The UK’s leading trade body for Investigators in the private sector, the Association of British Investigators has become the first industry association to become a member of Industry Qualifications (IQ). The ABI has become both a member of IQ Qualifications and IQ Resources. The ABI Academy will work with IQ on the development of qualifications for investigators, promoting IQ qualifications within its membership, and the development and sale of training courses and materials to support IQ programmes.

Gavin Robertson, ABI Governing Council member with responsibility for Strategy, Qualifications and Regulation said “The agreement to work with IQ comes at a critical time for the investigations sector.

The considerations of the Leveson enquiry and the renewed interest in licensing private investigators are raising the profile of education and qualifications in the sector. The ABI will play a central role in these developments and further strengthening our relationship with IQ is part of our strategic response to the challenges and opportunities that will arise”.

As a result of the agreement, ABI will assist IQ in the development of qualifications for the sector, provide subject experts for IQ quality assurance activities in the sector and provide access to IQ awards for its members. IQ will assist ABI by providing strategic advice on education and qualification issues, and assist the ABI establish and promote its learning programmes.

Raymond Clarke, Chief Executive of IQ said, “This is a significant development for IQ on two counts.

Firstly, it provides IQ with a strategically significant sector partner in advance of the licensing of the investigatory sector, and confirms our commitment to the sector. The opportunity to access the expertise of ABI members and networks will do much to ensure the quality of the IQ product and our responsiveness to sector needs”.

“Secondly, ABI becomes the first trade body to become a member of IQ. Whilst we anticipate significant growth in the membership of representative bodies in the coming months, across a wide range of sectors, the ABI is an important first for IQ. We are very pleased to have secured the involvement of such a distinguished and significant body at such an important time in the development of their industry sector”.