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Aria Assistance : joins forces with Emergency Assistance Japan to extend its global support network

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A new agreement with Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) is further strengthening the international network of emergency support available to customers of Aria Assistance, the independent UK insurance and assistance company, both directly and through its white label customers.

The strategic integration of the two companies’ assistance services ensures that Aria Assistance continues to fulfil its promise that one call to one number is all it takes to activate a global network that will address any problem from a health emergency requiring emergency evacuation to lost tickets and credit cards.

This new agreement follows last month’s announcement of an agreement with Globemed to provide assistance services for Aria Assistance customers when in North Africa and the Middle East. Both agreements are reciprocal, enabling the two partners access to Aria Assistance network in parts of the world where they do not have their own presence.

EAJ, which has offices in Japan, the United States, Singapore, Thailand and China, is now ready to co-ordinate the delivery of healthcare and lifestyle assistance services for Aria Assistance customers. In turn, Aria Assistance is providing EAJ with assistance services in the UK and Europe.

These new agreements, specific to its expansion plans, strengthen Aria Assistance’s capabilities to deliver a seamless service to the end customer, by linking with a major assistance player in each region. In addition to providing network capability, alongside continued access to the Europ Assistance Group network, these agreements utilise each others’ strengths and market knowledge to create joint products and services.

 Aria Assistance chief executive Patrick Leroy said; “As with Aria Assistance, the core of EAJ’s services is embodied by assistance coordination staff who combine compassion and dedication with the experience and know how to manage any situation effectively. There is a clear parallel between our two organisations and we look forward to deepening our partnership over the years.”