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Argenta : launches VisionRe

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Argenta Private Capital Limited (“Argenta”), a subsidiary of Argenta Holdings plc, today announces the launch of VisionRe Limited (“VisionRe”), a unique investment opportunity for high net worth individuals and institutions to access attractive returns by providing capital to insurance and reinsurance businesses trading at Lloyd’s, the world’s leading specialist insurance marketplace.

VisionRe’s key attributes are:

– Simplified access to the Lloyd’s insurance market

– High yield potential

– Dual sources of income from insurance underwriting and investment

– Low correlation with traditional asset classes

– UK inheritance tax efficiency

VisionRe will seek to generate an annual return on capital invested in excess of 10%, in an asset class uncorrelated to traditional investment portfolios such as equities, bonds or property. Investors will be able to participate in the performance of selected Lloyd’s underwriting businesses (known as syndicates) and, in addition, capital used to support underwriting will be invested to provide a second income stream.

Over the last 10 years the performance of Lloyd’s has outstripped that of the FTSE 100 by an average of 10% per annum and Argenta’s market knowledge and insight has seen its investors achieve an impressive 21% annualised return. VisionRe is Argenta’s direct answer to Lloyd’s Vision 2025 demand for more flexible capital from private investors.

Graham White, Chairman of VisionRe, commented: ”VisionRe provides a new opportunity for sophisticated investors to participate in Lloyd’s, which as demonstrated by the recent £2.77billion profit for 2012, continues to deliver attractive returns even when market conditions are challenging. Argenta’s extensive experience of Lloyd’s has allowed it to outperform the market and deliver impressive returns for its investors. VisionRe’s innovative structure builds on that work and offers an efficient way for investors to access the uncorrelated returns available from Lloyd’s.”