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The AXA Research Fund Awards its First Grant in Asia

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Since 2008 the AXA Research Fund has been providing support for research focused on understanding and preventing the risks threatening the environment, human life and our societies. Beyond Europe, research institutions from some Asian countries can now apply to get funding by this initiative of scientific philanthropy created by the AXA Group.

On December 2, the AXA Research Fund announced it awards its first grant in Asia to support over a period of 3 years the National University of Singapore (NUS) to undertake a research project on the “Biology of Decision Making under Risk”.

The research project seeks a deeper understanding of the biological mechanisms underpinning individual differences in how people take risks by bringing together methodologies from behavioral and experimental economics and the biological sciences.

John R. Dacey, CEO of AXA Japan-Asia-Pacific Region and Member of the AXA Group Executive Committee, declared: “I am very pleased to announce the first Asian grant by the AXA Research Fund to the National University of Singapore, for an outstanding and innovative research project led by Professor Ebstein and Professor Chew.

“As a global leader in insurance business, AXA actively promotes the understanding and prevention of risks. We are convinced that basic research is essential for the development of knowledge in this area and thus contributes to building stronger and safer societies.

“AXA teams in Singapore share with me the pride of this extension of the AXA Research Fund outside of Europe. I believe it is a very strong sign of our long term commitment to the region and its strategic importance for the Group.

“I sincerely wish all the best to Professor Ebstein and his team and I really hope this first step will encourage more Asian institutions to apply.”

Source : AXA Press Release