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RMS : Paul Dali named chairman of RMS Board of Directors

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Risk Management Solutions (RMS) announces that Paul Dali has been named chairman of its board of directors. Mr. Dali has been serving as an advisor to the board for the past year, providing invaluable perspective as RMS develops new technology and business capabilities to enable insurers and reinsurers to achieve breakthrough benefits from resilient and real-time risk management practices. 

“Paul has already made an extraordinary contribution to RMS, and it’s clear he has the vision and determination to support our business transformation over the next few years,” commented Hemant Shah, CEO of RMS. “We are extremely fortunate to have attracted Paul, with his wisdom and passion for our business, ¬to this important role.”

Mr. Dali, who has a strong strategic focus on the ‘real-time enterprise’, is a progressive and visionary leader and investor. He has backed a number of highly successful technology companies whose products proved to be breakthroughs in computer multimedia and infrastructure software. Prior to his career in venture capital, he served as CEO of Regis McKenna, one of the largest high-tech marketing companies in the U.S., and prior to that served as general manager of the PC Division of Apple Computer and chairman of Apple’s marketing council.

The RMS board, which was historically comprised of corporate executives from RMS and its parent company, DMGT, now includes three new Silicon Valley directors whose roles are to serve as independent non-executive directors, assisting RMS as it executes its plan and providing guidance in key areas of expertise. Martin Morgan, CEO of DMGT, who has served as chairman of RMS for 14 years, remains a director of the board.

In addition to Paul Dali, Dr. Gerald Held, a corporate director on numerous public and private technology company boards, and former Silicon Valley software executive, joins the RMS board as an independent director. Dr. Held has over 40 years’ experience, including serving as the head of database product development at Oracle Corporation, and leading software development and strategic planning at fault-tolerant and scalable systems pioneer, Tandem Computers. Dr. Held has been an active advisor to RMS over the past three years as it develops its software architecture and cloud computing technology.

Dominique Trempont, a seasoned executive and board member with a focus on cloud and new media, also joins the RMS board. Mr. Trempont has over 30 years’ experience as an executive, CEO, and member of the board of directors of highly successful technology companies. He served as chief financial officer and head of operations for NeXT Software, which was acquired by Apple, and was CEO of a leading software-as-a-service company focused on enterprise self-service applications. He was also on the board of 3Com. Mr. Trempont currently serves on the boards of global public companies, DMGT, and Real Networks, and on those of private cloud-based companies, Trion Worlds, a leader in multiplayer gaming, and ON24, a leader in webcasting and virtual events.

The rest of the board is comprised of:

– Hemant Shah, CEO of RMS

– Steve Robertson, CFO of RMS

– Stephen Daintith, CFO of DMGT

– David Dutton, DMGT executive director

– Suresh Kavan, CEO of DMGI