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From bingo to banking – more retirees want to work

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More UK retirees want to give up bingo for banking as research from Aviva reveals a work hungry generation of retirees ready to embrace ‘part-tirement’ and continue working.

One explanation of the findings was that retirees today are facing decreased savings and increased debt, and many simply can’t afford to stop work.

But the finding didn’t just reveal a need to continue working, they also showed that retirees are more confident than ever in their abilities to compete with their younger peers. 87% said they could do a better job than younger people at their roles, 67% think the younger generation moan too much about work and 83% say they are more practical than the younger generation.

Clive Bolton, ‘at retirement’ director at Aviva, says, “The perception of retirement is one that is constantly being rethought. As individuals face an increasingly challenging economic environment, it seems that for many the dream retirement is now one in which they can maintain their quality of life by remaining economically active.

“It would seem that this is not only to boost their income, but the evidence would suggest that many retirees are keen to get out into the work force and put their lifetime of wisdom and skills to use.”

Other finding from the study included:

– 72% of retirees think they could give a graduate a ‘run for their money’

– 80% of retirees believe they would be more confident in the work force now, than in their earlier working life.

– 63% would relish the opportunity to replace someone younger in the UK work force should they be given the chance.

– 53% of retirees think they would dedicate more time to a career than their younger counterparts, with 77% of retirees stating that no longer having children to care for is the main reason for this.