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Aviva car insurance : Aviva short term car insurance summary

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Car insurance policies will generally cover you for a year, but sometimes you may need car insurance for a much shorter period. You might want to take delivery of a new car from a dealer or seller, or insure a friend or relative to drive your car for a day or two. With Aviva short term car insurance you can temporarily insure another driver or another car for 1 to 28 days.

We’ve summarised the key features of the policy below :

Loss or damage to the insured vehicle in the event of an accident, fire, theft or vandalism :

If the car is lost, stolen or damaged, we may:

– Pay for the car to be repaired

– Replace the car

– Pay a cash amount equal to the loss or damage

Any payment which we make in respect of loss or damage to this vehicle will be made to the legal owner. The most we will pay will be the market value of the car at the time of the claim, or £40,000, whichever is the lesser amount.

New car replacement :

– The cost of repairing any damage covered by the policy is more than 60% of your car’s UK list price (including car tax and VAT)

– Your car is stolen and not recovered

Where you are buying the car under a hire-purchase agreement, we will only replace it if the hire-purchase company agrees. We will not replace your car if it is subject to a leasing agreement or contract-hire agreement.

Accident recovery and Aviva approved repair service :

If you can’t drive this vehicle as a result of damage insured under this policy, we will pay the reasonable costs of protecting your car and removing it to the nearest Aviva approved repairer, and delivering your car back to your address in the British Isles once repairs have been carried out.

Our network of expert approved repairers extends across the UK and any repairs which we carry out to the vehicle are guaranteed for 3 years.

Legal liability cover :

We will provide cover of up to £5,000,000 for any amounts which you may have to pay as a result of you being legally liable for:

– A person’s death or injury as the result of an accident caused by your car or any trailer towed by your car

– Damage to property for any claims or number of claims arising out of an accident caused by your car

We may also provide permission in writing for you to claim further expenses if required.

European cover :

As standard, Aviva’s short term car insurance cover provides the minimum insurance requirements in the majority of mainland Europe (the equivalent of third party only).

For an additional 20% surcharge on top of the standard premium, you can choose to extend this cover to provide comprehensive cover in Europe and enjoy all the same benefits whilst abroad. This is an optional cover which can be added to your policy for an additional cost.