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Good to know : Home insurance claims for DIY gone wrong

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Before you get stuck into a spot of DIY this weekend, spare a thought for your home insurance. If your attempt at home improving goes wrong, are you covered by your insurance policy?

A recent survey by the Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank revealed that home insurance claims for DIY mishaps is a lot more common than many of us may think. They estimate that the cost of claims for DIY misadventures for the last year in the UK is as much as £235 million.

10% of homeowners questioned as part of the study admitted that they had received a bill of up to £500 to correct a problem they’d created with their home improvement efforts.

The advice being given by insurers is to consider whether you really have the skills to take on the DIY project you have planned. Your home is the most expensive single item you’ll probably ever buy, so if in doubt, it’s best to get a professional onboard to do the job properly first time round; plus it’ll save you making a claim on your home insurance policy should your home improving not go to plan.

It’s also advisable to notify your home insurer of any major changes you make to your property.

The study also revealed a link between DIY ability and age with 50% of under 35’s admitting they can’t even wire a plug, and 65% conceding that their dad is much better at DIY than them.

Source : Lady Motor Insurance