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IFB expansion plans

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The IFB is responding to market appetite for its services and growth in the number of industry customers it works with, by increasing its operational resources.

New team members are being recruited for a variety of roles, encompassing analysts, researchers, desk-top investigation, intelligence and relationship management.

Aligned to this growth in resource, the IFB operating model will be split into five pillars: Operations, Analytics, Intelligence, Customer Management and Media/Communications.

Glen Marr, Director – IFB comments: “The restructured and expanded team will strengthen and improve IFB capacity, output, quality, customer relationship management and collectively provide further benefits to our existing and new customers.  This strategy also underpins our ability to leverage the upgraded IFB software platform, which includes and for the first time, a web portal our customers can use to interact with the IFB and in an automated manner”.

Source : IFB Press Release