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Hiscox : goes ‘Minority Report style’ to highlight e-risks at BIBA conference

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With nearly a quarter of SMEs (22%) more concerned about e-risks and cyber crime than they are with traditional risks such as theft, specialist insurer Hiscox will be highlighting the risks associated with new or emerging technologies at this year’s BIBA conference in Manchester (11 and 12 May 2011).

With a focus on technology and media businesses, a custom built ‘Minority Report style’ stand using Kinect technology best known to game console users, will enable delegates to use hand and arm movements to guide them through an interactive look at the opportunities and risks to businesses from areas such as cloud computing, network security and social media.

Commenting ahead of the BIBA conference, Alan Thomas, Head of Technology & Media, said: “Media and technology businesses are obviously exploiting the huge opportunities being made possible by new and emerging technologies, but with those opportunities comes more risk. The growing trend for cloud computing for example can help businesses create or terminate IT contracts more easily but also means they become increasingly reliant on externally hosted IT services. Social media is a great new method of interacting with customers but what happens if an employee’s private tweets defame a client? And how can a business be sure that its network can safeguard against the external hacking of personal data files?”

“As a leading specialist insurer for media and technology businesses, our stand will provide a memorable way of highlighting the possible risks they face; further underlining the need for a focused risk management strategy when it comes to the safe and profitable exploitation of new and emerging technologies.”

Source : Hiscox Press Release